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24 Hours of 'Me Time' at The Clement

There’s no doubt the California gold rush of 1848 stimulated travel to the West Coast. From the East Coast, whether by boat or wagon, back then the trip took six months’ time. My travel time from the Napa Valley to Palo Alto in the Silicon Valley, took about two hours, give or take a highway slowdown along the way. And today’s gold rush has transformed into a tech rush, so it didn’t surprise me when I arrived to my technologically-savvy suite at The Clement.

With one swipe of my key card over the WiFi symbol above the door handle, I entered one of 20-plus suites, mine on the top floor. A basket of goodies sat on the counter next to a Nespresso machine, and over a fully-stocked refrigerator of soft drinks and Voss water. For my short stay, the abundance of snacks would have been plenty, but my concierge offered me a bottle of wine, so I happily obliged to a sauvignon blanc I later enjoyed with a snack, and again even with a healthy white fish dinner served to me in my room. Did I mention The Clement is all-inclusive? You can dine in the restaurant, on a heated patio, or enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in your suite. The kitchen is open 24 hours so you can help yourself to whatever snacks or drinks you prefer.

On this beautiful, warm, quiet December day, I decided to check out the rooftop heated pool and Jacuzzi before darkness fell. Alas, we were experiencing high winds and I opted out of a dip, but could imagine how this rooftop with its cabanas and lounge areas would be quite popular during summertime, where visitors would enjoy dining al fresco while sipping on refreshing cocktails and socializing.

Down a floor from the roof, I was back in my room where a pristine white soaking tub lured me inside the galley bathroom. Bath salts and olive oil salt scrub were awaiting my use and I succumbed. As the tub filled, I explored the two-sink bathroom with a separate toilet room with its tricked up toilet with remote control bidet options. Once my tub was filled, I grabbed the television remote control and turned on the TV that was inset in the bathroom mirror. I didn’t watch anything, but it was good to know I had the option.

My 24-hour goal was to enjoy “me” time to look ahead and plan my New Year goals. As I soaked, I read a book to get me started, titled, “It Starts With Me” by Yvette Le Blowitz. The concept of meditating daily isn’t lost on me and is a ritual I have yet to establish. My takeaway so far is to set an intention daily. My intention for this 24-hour period had already been set, thankfully. So, following my bath, I gave myself a mani-pedi and then called for room service. Once the sun set, I pressed a wall switch button to automatically lower the shade, and plugged in my cell phone charger via one of many USB plugs found on the desk.

Instead of working on a series of projects I brought with me to Palo Alto, I mindlessly flipped through the multiple stations on my in-room televisions, first in the living room and then in the bedroom before I fell asleep. Thankfully, I set my alarm to coincide with the breakfast order card I left hanging outside my door before I went to bed. On the hour I specified with a checkmark, room service arrived with my order of eggs Benedict with salmon. I also tried out the Nespresso machine with its various flavor options.

A little gym time was in order, so an hour after breakfast I forced myself to head downstairs to at least use the elliptical machine for a half hour. The space was cozy and unoccupied, and I was grateful to enjoy the workout before heading to the rooftop for a little Jacuzzi time. Twenty-four hours later, I packed up, checked out and bid adieu to one of the most restful and rejuvenating 24 hours I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

As 2017 comes to a close, I recommend taking a 24-hour period to chill out and think about your goals for 2018. Once you can identify what you want, and put it in writing, you'll have a reference to stay on track to achieve your goals.

If your goal is to book a stay at The Clement in Palo Alto, California, click HERE.

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