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Getting the royal treatment at Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo at Hotel Hermitage

​Anytime is a good time to visit Monaco. At the Hermitage Monte-Carlo, I was fortunate to receive the royal treatment at a property Conde Nast Traveler magazine ranked as one of the top 10 best hotels in France. My interest, however, was focused on the elevator of the hotel's regal hallway that led down to the 7,500 square-foot spa: Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. This enchanted space became my much needed sanctuary and will forever remain to be my defining water moment.

The baths in Europe are quite different than anything I’ve experienced in America, but this particular bath in a setting of exquisite space and cleanliness excelled in its 90-minute “Minceur & Detox Au The Vert” treatment (translation: slimming and detox treatment with green tea).

Once I was expertly exfoliated by use of a combination of wakame seaweed and green tea to energize, detoxify and purify my skin and body, I showered and stepped into a whirlpool that instantly gratified my senses with a light show of soothing royal tones and a pulsation of perfectly positioned jets.

While my travel buddy Alexa enjoyed her facial with caviar-infused la prairie products, I embraced my high-tech, yet serene bath before a 3-tea detox wrap. Finally, my body was ready for the invigorating massage, including a focused scalp massage that sent me swirling in relaxation as I floated back to my spacious hotel room. A tug-of-war in my mind ensued when I contemplated heading outside or staying in my room with the Chanel-inspired fabric-covered wardrobe doors and dome-backed sitting chair.

Eventually we departed our palatial quarters for dinner at Elsa restaurant at Monte Carlo Beach Hotel. Chef Paolo Sari serves 100 percent organic food that has gained him a Michelin star, and each tasting plate was adorned with edible flowers on plates rivaling masterpieces of art. To break the illusion was a struggle, but we somehow managed to disrupt the plates to devour the magic.

Between the hotel's exquisite decor and spaciousness, the edible art on plates, and the spa extraordinaire, I soon realized that once upon a perfectly planned time, fairy tales did actually come true.

Visit Hotel Hermitage as soon as you can so you, too, can be part of the royal family.

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