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Taking a pause at Paws Up, Montana

In today’s fast-paced digital world, down time has become a luxury. But, inside Panfish Popper, my luxury timber lodge for a long weekend at The Resort at Paws Up, I’ve been afforded the pace of my choice. Like a bear in hibernation, I stole endless hours resting in my den, looking out to a vast wilderness of pine trees against a backdrop of a snow-capped Montana mountainside.

Each morning, I slept better than the last, and longer. The combination of clean, fresh air and being tucked under high-thread count sheets, comforter and woolen throw blanket may have something to do with my comfort level. Each morning, I step onto a throw rug warmed by the bathroom’s heated flooring before showering in the glass enclosed double shower stall using hand-cut soap. By mid-March, the snow slowly melts away, but not before I charge across terrain via a snowmobile that leads to an overlook worthy of the short rock climb over snow and ice. Indeed, a river runs through it.

Parked in front of Panfish Popper, a lime-green Kia is at my disposal, so I dine according to my desired timeline. Late breakfast? No problem. If I want to stop in the Tank & Trough for cocktails before dinner at the connecting Pomp Restaurant, I just hopped in my Kia and drove about a mile along the unpaved road leading to the two dining lodges.

My relaxed state was escalated a few stressful notches prior to a visit to the on-property spa lodge. Past the road where a bison, beefalo, buffalo and watusi pastured each day, I continued, distracted by the view, and by about 3 miles, I passed the moss-green painted Morris Ranch House that appeared so brilliantly upon my reverse drive along the river that runs through the snow-covered mountains. Following an hour of pressure point massage techniques on my multiple muscle knots, I sunk to a new low on the relaxation scale.

Inside my timber-centric living room with its timber cut (bran

ches in tact) mantle, I took a break, lit a fire in the ready-to-light fireplace, cozied up on the sofa, pulled the throw over my legs and watched heavy droplets of melting snow roll off my back deck while a mist of rain covers the air while the sun struggled to shine. There was no need for me to use the Jacuzzi in my second bathroom, or to use the hot tub on my front deck. My surroundings were my solace in realizing that at any given moment I could see an elk, deer or mountain lion walk by, and I’m okay with this as a spectator in the larger scheme of nature where I am but a microscopic element in a vast space.

Interested? In April, WildFlavor will be the featured event at Paws Up. For more information, click HERE.

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