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Healing from 2020

During 2020 spa visits to Arizona and Nevada, steam rooms were and continue to remain closed due to the pandemic, and in The Bellagio Spa, everything is closed, including locker rooms. But you can book a massage or most services at the hair and nail salon.

I was there for a massage, and although it was modified for safety reasons, I was able to adapt and enjoy the results. First, there were a limited amount of people inside the massage treatment area. I only saw a few people, in fact. There was no changing into a robe and slippers, and once I grabbed a fresh mask, I was escorted to my treatment room and instructed to remove my clothing and place it on the towel-covered table – not on hooks. And I had to keep my mask on. That was the most challenging, especially when I placed my head in the doughnut – I felt suffocated and had to keep lifting my face. My massage therapist calmed my anxiety by informing me that this is the typical first reaction but that it would get better once I got used to it. Luckily, she was right.

Once I calmed down, which was aided with some essential oils swept under the doughnut, I was able to breathe comfortably as she worked to untie my stress knots behind my neck and throughout my shoulders and hip flexors. I relaxed enough that it seemed only a minute passed before my treatment was over, yet it had been 50 minutes.

By the time I dressed and walked out the door, my massage therapist met me and handed me a small plastic bag. Inside, a small, bottled water and granola bar indicated I should consume both once I exited the 50,000 square foot facility.

It had been so long since I received a massage, I was grateful beyond for the modified version, and thankful The Bellagio Spa is following every precaution to keep its guests safe.

In November, my visit to Canyon Ranch Woodside was not without restrictions as well, but I did enjoy a signature CR massage that set me right. Most of all I did while on property was outside, breathing in the forest air during hikes and a bit of Equus Coaching. If you want to learn more about Equus Coaching, I invite you to read my article published in Haute Living San Francisco.


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