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4 Ways I’ve Learned to Use Sauce

America is all about spices and the chefs who use them, thanks to a history of trade and the Silk Road. In France, sauces are all the rage, made by Michelin-star chefs that rule the world stage of flavors. The evolution of taste continues with the introduction of umami, the fifth taste of meatiness and a trendy topic of culinary conversation.

I was recently served an impressive selection of four bottles of sauce beauty products making a splash outside of the culinary category. These special sauces are made from recipes that smell good enough to eat, but they’re not edible. Your hair and your well being, however, will digest the benefits.

Ever since I began using sauce, my motivation to take a morning shower has significantly improved, especially on a Monday after a full weekend of late-night activities. A little sauce is the answer to a sluggish start. How, you ask?

The steam of the shower activates the aromatherapy action caused by my sauce shampoo. Talk about a product that delivers! Once I discovered this shampoo, I cannot imagine how I would go on without it. It’s a new level of aromatherapy experience when you use this shampoo infused with mint and peppermint oil. It’s all about the tingle in my scalp and deep inhalation of a scent known to invigorate.

The intense repair conditioner is a coconut cream infused with coconut oil, banana and jarrah honey. The aroma is magically clean and prompts me to inhale deeply, adding to the wellness benefit of Sauce. Once a week, I indulge in a guacamole whip of sauce’s deep moisture mask recipe of avocado, argan oil and monoi oil (made from soaking petals of Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil). The exotic aroma confirms.

The fourth product I’ve come to love is a thermal protectant spray – a hot sauce recipe of aloe, cayenne and argan oil. Spray a little six inches from your scalp before you blow dry, but be warned… when spraying on tiled floors it may attribute to a slippery floor. Your hair will also be slippery, but with shine, and you won’t be able to resist running your fingers through your silky locks throughout the day.

If sauce beauty products could earn a Michelin star, I’d award the intense repair shampoo with mint and peppermint oil with three – it’s that good.

Sauce beauty products are free of sulfates and parabens, are color safe, and available online: and on, so you can satisfy your cravings with the best recipes that provide the most delightful wakeup call!

Note: I am a Chef Brand Ambassador and this is a sponsored post endorsed personally by my positive experience in using these products.


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